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Living in Los Angeles Pros and Cons

Living in Los Angeles Pros and Cons

Although it is a vibrant and exciting city, living in Los Angeles does have its pros and cons. If you’ll be moving to LA soon, we reveal everything you need to know about the climate, lifestyle, food, transportation, and much more.

What You Will Love About Los Angeles

You may have heard about the things visitors love about L.A., but, if you’re planning to stay, it’s important to know the residents’ point of view.

1. The Pleasant Climate

LA’s climate is legendary. If you’re coming from a state that’s snow-bound for part of the year, then you will definitely agree. The city gets a glorious 300 days of sunshine annually. Temperatures tend to hover around 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

2. The Lifestyle

Los Angeles boasts a unique lifestyle that is both laidback and hardworking. The coast, sunshine, and great weather all offer residents respite from city life, which can be hectic and competitive. This is also what gives the city such great energy and gives residents the opportunity to create a highly customized lifestyle.

3. Activities

One thing’s for sure: Living here means you will never run out of things to do. Healthy living is high on the list of priorities here and, as a result, you’ve got these options and more:

  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Rollerblading

You can also bring your sunblock and a good book and lounge on beautiful Santa Monica beach or any of LA’s other beautiful beaches.

4. Jobs

Los Angeles is well-known for its many job opportunities. The entertainment, production, and hospitality industries always have a number of vacancies if you’re looking for something new. Those who come to the city looking to start a business here or become a freelancer are pleasantly surprised to find a very supportive infrastructure.

5. Food

Los Angeles offers incredible cultural diversity. If you believe that food is a great way to learn about a culture, then you’ll find the world is literally at your feet in this big city. Each community has its own culture and culinary focal point, leaving you with virtually endless options for culinary delight.

People Cheers with coffee

Other things to love about LA include its sports scene and the fact that it’s a world-class entertainment hub. If you’re a creative person, you’ll love the music, art, design, and other creative communities you’ll discover here.

Things That Will Take Some Time to Get Used To

In addition to what you’ll love, there are also several things about living in Los Angeles that may be hard to take. What follows are those things that residents dislike the most about living here.

1. Traffic and Transportation

The highways in and around LA have been ranked as some of the worst in the country for traffic. Largely to blame for this is the fact that the city is spreading outward. Because of this, those who don’t live right next to their jobs are forced to deal with LA’s notorious rush hour traffic.

Public transportation is an option, but, because it still has many kinks to be worked out, it may not be the most reliable way to get to work. At least not yet.

2. Parking

If you plan to drive your vehicle in LA, another unpleasant reality will be the parking fees—and parking tickets—you will have to make room for in your budget. This is thanks to the complicated parking signs you’ll find lurking at every lot. Fail to read them carefully, and you will find a ticket under your windshield wiper—parking rules are very strictly enforced in LA.

3.  Cost of Living

If you come from a smaller town, moving to Los Angeles is likely to cause sticker shock; one thing to do well before you move here? Research real estate costs by neighborhood, as some areas like Beverly hills are more expensive than others. Another tip: Investigate other costs like local grocery store and eatery prices as well.

4. Natural Disasters

Some of Los Angeles’s most densely populated areas are located directly over the San Andreas Fault, meaning that residents live with the reality of a major earthquake, and they have experienced many tremors in their time. Earthquakes have also been known to trigger landslides.

Yellow Crossing Lines in Urban Street

Another aspect of living here are the wildfires; peak wildfire season runs from July to October, with the highest risk for fires coming in September and October.

5.  Crime

Just like any other city, Los Angeles has areas that tend to me more dangerous than others. The daily and violent crime rate here is higher than both the state and national averages. However, there are also many areas with very low crime rates; the key here, once again, is to do your homework before you move here.

Other aspects of living in LA that you may not enjoy so much include its size, which can make getting to different areas an exercise in frustration. If you come here looking for a job, you’ll also find that Los Angeles has a very competitive job market.

Beautiful Apartments in Safe Neighborhoods

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