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Best Plants for Apartment Dwellers

Best Plants for Apartment Dwellers

Having a green thumb may seem impossible when you’re living in a relatively small space, but, whether you’ve recently moved or are still looking for new apartments in Los Angeles, you should know that a bunch of great greenery options are available to you.

Choosing Apartment Plants

There are so many gorgeous plants, but choosing one based on looks is never a good idea; different plants have varying requirements and, if your apartment can’t meet them, your plants won’t last.

Instead, choose plants according to maintenance level, life cycle, size, and light and water needs.

Small but Mighty

Succulents like aloe vera are ideal for apartments that get lots of bright light. They clean the air, and the gel inside the leaves can be applied to the skin to soothe burns, heal cuts, and more.

Many favorite apartment plants are available in dwarf varieties, which means they’ll stay small and manageable, but still offer plenty of beauty. Two beautiful examples are the snake plant and English ivy.

Available in hundreds of varieties, air plants are not only adorable but incredibly awesome because they require zero soil. A weekly spritz is all that’s needed, and these little wonders can be placed in any kind of container in a spot that receives bright and indirect light.

Low-Light Loveliness

Spaces with little in the way of light can still add lots of life. With its beautiful greens and dramatic red veins, the Red Prayer Plant is a beautiful low-light and low-upkeep choice for many in Highland Park apartments.

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is another beautiful plant that thrives in low light. In fact, it can also survive lower humidity and lower temperatures than most other house plants. Plus, pothos is a powerful absorber of toxins.

The Cast-Iron plant got its name for a reason: This tough and pretty plant can survive in low light and poor soil, and it also needs minimal water.

Floor Show

There’s also plenty to choose from when it comes to larger potted plants. The fiddle-leaf fig, Ficus, and ZZ Plant are just a few of the many larger plants that can attract all the right kinds of attention.

potted tree in los angeles california

Making Arrangements

Now that you’ve got some plants in mind, it’s time to choose how you’ll display them. The good news is that any way will work! 

If you want to draw the eye to a particular spot, try grouping your plants. This can be done by combining several of the same species, such as air plants, but you can also combine several different species and sizes to create visual interest.

Arranging plants according to size is another great idea; for example, place a tall plant in a corner, with the second-smallest in front, and so on.

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