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Top 5 Closet Organization Trends

Top 5 Closet Organization Trends

Do you dread opening your closet because it’s full of clothes, shoes, and accessories? A disorganized closet can make it impossible to find what you’re looking for, subtracting precious minutes from your routine, but these 5 trends will help you get organized.


A big reason your closet may seem stuffed to the brim is due to items that you simply don’t wear. So, the first trend in organizing your closet is to remove everything and assess it piece by piece.

Ask yourself whether you like the pieces you remove. If you do, ask yourself how often you think you’ll wear them.

If clothing no longer fits you or your style, place it into a “give away” pile. Inevitably, some items will be more difficult to decide on than others.

For these, give yourself up to 10 seconds to really think about whether or not you love them or plan to wear them. If yes, place them into your “keep” pile. If no, it’s time to donate them.

Maximizing Space

Purging will definitely mean there’s more space in your closet, but is there anything else you can do? Absolutely! Now that it’s empty, it will be very easy to see just how much space you have to work with. Maximizing that space is our next hot trend.

wardrobe drawer organizers with full of folded underwears

Closet organizers are incredible inventions that can transform your messy closet into a shoe, clothing, and accessory heaven. There are plenty of closet systems to choose from, but, generally speaking, you’ll need to measure the length, depth, and height of your closet to ensure you get the right fit.

Once your organizing wire system is installed, consider the remaining space; this can also be maximized. Examples of empty space include:

  • Narrow walls
  • The space above the doorway
  • The space above the highest shelf to the ceiling

Chic Shoe Storage

This can also be considered as a tip for maximizing your closet space. By raising your clothing rods just a few inches, you can create lots of vertical space that can be used for shoe storage.

Different shoes on shelves of wardrobe closet

Try some of these efficient ideas for keeping shoes organized:

  • Boots can be hung from a second closet rod with boot hangers or placed upside down on a boot rack.
  • Designer shoes are an investment that can be protected by placing these pairs in stackable storage boxes.

Boxes and Baskets

There’s a lot to be said for organizing your closet with boxes and baskets; not only do they keep delicate clothing and other items where they belong, but boxes and baskets can make your closet look a lot neater and more streamlined, too; not to mention, they’re incredibly trendy.

There are many different colors, styles, and materials of boxes and baskets. Use your personal style to determine which are best. Clear boxes will make items easier to see and select, but consider that you can also label them to help make finding items on closet shelves easier.

Built-in Closet Shelves

Some apartments that are small may not have a lot of closet space. Enter one of the year’s hottest closet organization trends: built-in shelves. This shelving is a great way to ensure that the entire space, from back to front and top to bottom, gets used.

Large wardrobe closet with different clothes and shoes

Built-in shelving can also make it easier to know where to place your items. Having these shelves already in place can help you get items like shoes up off the floor, for that walk-in closet feel.

Other Great Closet Hacks

Add these clever closet hacks to your organization mission, and you’ll never have trouble finding what you need again.

Use Groups

When placing everything back into your closet, do so according to groups. Hang pants in one section, shirts in another, and so on. When storing clothing according to categories, it will make the items you need far easier to find, which will save you loads of time.

Groups can also apply to organizing your accessories. For example, you can place belts, shoes, and purses in their own section of your closet.

Keep It Front and Center

Your closet’s front and center portions should be reserved for those clothing items you wear the most. Categories still apply here; you’re simply moving more frequently used items to a location where they’re most easily accessed.

You can also work from the center to the sides with your closet design. Place frequently worn items in the middle and lesser-worn items to the sides, with your least-worn clothing occupying the spaces nearest to your closet’s end walls.

Don’t Forget the Door

Your closet door is a blank canvas for storage space. Install hooks for bags or choose over-the-door hooks for belts and scarves. You can also choose an over-the-door pocket organizer to keep smaller items controlled and easy to find.

The Best In Design-Centric Living

There’s no doubt that organizing your closet can have numerous benefits. If you’re looking for a new apartment, consider Fig & York. You’ll enjoy several amenities, including an in-unit washer and dryer, large closets with built in shelving units, gated parking, and much more.

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