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Design & Decor Ideas for Apartments with Vaulted Ceilings - Fig And York Living

Design & Decor Ideas for Apartments with Vaulted Ceilings

Design & Decor Ideas for Apartments with Vaulted Ceilings

There’s nothing quite like living in a Pasadena apartment that has luxurious-looking vaulted ceilings, and there are many different ways to highlight this unique and beautiful feature. We’ve got some of the hottest design and décor ideas for your space.

It’s All About the Eyes

Beautiful, vaulted ceilings like those found in Fig and York Living loft-style apartments attract the eye like nothing else. They can also help an apartment look far larger than it is. To achieve this optical illusion, the eyes must be drawn up to the ceiling.

Gallery or Feature Wall

The gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to inject instant style and personality into any living space. In apartments with vaulted ceilings, however, the gallery wall can also help accentuate those high spots.

This wall can be anything from a collection of art, photos, or drawings to objects you love, arranged methodically or at random by hanging on the wall or placing on shelves.

You can also turn the highest wall into a feature wall with a dramatic paint shade or a brick-like texture. These can be a great contrast for rooms with furnishings and accessories in monochrome or muted palettes.

Clean and Simple Lines

Sometimes, the best accent for a vaulted ceiling is to let it speak for itself. This can be accomplished very effectively with furniture in neutral shades or a minimalist theme. If you want to add color, consider doing so in small “pops” with a brightly hued pillow here and a bold and tall vase there.

Highlight with Light

The simple way in which light is cast can be enough to highlight a gorgeous, vaulted ceiling. If your room has built-in shelving next to the high point, recessed lighting can go a long way in drawing all the right kinds of attention.

An eye-catching light fixture can be another great way to highlight a high ceiling when hung in the right spot. Our 2-floor Highland Park apartments for rent make it easy to accent your ceiling; just place your lamp on the top floor nearest to the highest peak to attract the eye.

Window Treatments

modern residential living room design decorated with sofa and other decorations.

The way your windows are dressed—or not dressed—can make all the difference to the look of your ceilings and your apartment in general. If you prefer to cover your windows, ensuring that treatments run from floor to ceiling will add lots of drama and highlight high ceilings.

Of course, leaving windows drapery-free can also provide plenty of benefits; allowing natural light to flow in will highlight your décor as well as your vaulted ceilings.

If you’re looking for an apartment in Pasadena that offers spacious and luxurious living, consider Fig and York Living. Our Highland Park apartments feature high ceilings, built-in closets, and much more.

Discover why our residents love living in a renaissance community that offers plenty of local activities; visit us today to view our floor plans and gallery and to reserve your viewing.